11 Tips Every New TikToker Need To Know

Nowadays, TikTok has become more popular among Gen Z and Millennials, with more than eight hundred million active users all over the world. So, there is no chance that you haven’t come across a TikTok video. You would have come across the TikTok videos, at least on other social media platforms. If you’re looking to create your videos on TikTok, these tips will help you out. If you’re trying to improve your content’s reach, you can subscribe to Wooxie and buy various TikTok services from it.

Here, we’ll discuss 12 tips that every new TikTok user needs to consider.

Tips That Every TikToker Should Know

  1. Offline Viewing

If you like a video on TikTok, you can easily share using the TikTok app’s sharing option. But, you can also download the video to make it available for offline viewing too. To do that, you will need to tap onto the share icon and click on the “Save Video” option to download the video to your iPhone or Android device. In some videos, you cannot see the save video option. That’s because the user would have blocked the facility of others downloading the videos.

  1. Convert Videos Into GIFs

Saving videos is a simple one, but there is another excellent feature. You can turn your short-videos into GIFs. To turn into a GIF, you will need to click on the share option and then select “Share as GIF” to download them into your device. After downloading, you can share the GIF via message or any other social media platform. The GIFs contain a TikTok watermark.

  1. Upload Multiple Videos

Uploading multiple videos is very simple, using the TikTok app. Click on to the plus sign at the bottom in the navigation bar. Then select the “Upload” option at the bottom-right corner. In your videos gallery, click onto the “Multiple” button and select as many video clips as you want to upload.

  1. Turn Your Video Into Live Wallpaper

TikTok is full of creative and innovative videos. Starting from cats to random people’s attractive videos, you can convert it into your mobile’s live wallpaper. It is applicable for both android and iPhone devices. The process may vary based on the tools, but the result is creating an animated TikTok live wallpaper for your home or lock screen. 

  1. Connect Using Codes

In TikTok, there are codes to help you connect with your favorite brands, friends, and even with your tiktok followers. At the top of your profile, you will see the TikTok code icon. You can tap on it to get your profile’s code. You can also scan other QR codes to check out their profile.

  1. Report Inappropriate Content

TikTok is for all categories of users, even kids. If you see any harassment, bullying, or graphic content that is inappropriate to the users, you can report them by choosing the “Report option” in the Share icon. Then you can give the reason and send it for review.

  1. View All Your Favourites

Your favorite videos, hashtags, and sounds don’t go anywhere. In your profile, there is an icon that resembles a bookmark; click onto it. Here you will find all the videos that you favorited. Not only videos but also you can see all your favorite hashtags, sounds, and video effects too. 

  1. Hide Disturbing Sounds And Users

TikTok is a platform where you can see the content that you want. If you do not like a video having annoying sounds or a user, you can long-press on the video and click onto the option “More.” Then you can either choose an option to hide videos from that user or sound. The option appears only to the videos that appear in your home section. 

  1. Perform Quick Actions

While watching a video, you can perform a duet or react to those videos. You can get these options on the “Share” icon at the side of the videos.

  1. Conserve Data Usage

If you do not have Wi-Fi, then using TikTok may consume a large amount of data. You can use the “Data saver” option to use less data, but videos will play at lesser resolution or take a longer time to play.

  1. Test New Features Earlier

To test the new features earlier, you will need to join the beta program. It is available for both Android and iPhone devices. For android phones, you will have to go to TikTok’s play store page, whereas for the iPhone, you will need to use the “Join TikTok Testers “option.


If you are a new user, you wouldn’t have come across these options while creating the videos. We hope you will make use of the above options and have a more exceptional experience on TikTok.

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