IGTV: How To Create Effective Videos For Your Instagram Profile?

Today, Instagram is an upcoming social media platform with new features. Also, it introduced a feature called IGTV at an event in San Francisco. It works effectively for the different methods of Instagram hosting videos and stories.


IGTV is a fresh new app where you can watch long-form and vertical videos. It’s particularly made for looking at videos in the vertical format. Buy Instagram story views to build your exposure on Instagram. You need not have to change your phone to watch a video on the full-screen. On IGTV, you can view the videos from the Instagram users who have subscribed to. It also supports you to find new content based on your subscription’s engagement factors with other content.

Features About IGTV Videos

When understanding Instagram specifications, IGTV is the same feature as Instagram stories. Anyhow, there are few important features that you need to focus on:

Aspect Ratio: On Instagram, it id 9:16,where you crop your videos to 1080 pixels in width and 1920 pixels in height.

Video Length: The  IGTV video has a minimum length of 15 seconds for smaller videos, and the maximum video length is ten minutes for longer videos. It has got a massive increase from 15 seconds present for Instagram stories to 60-seconds for in-feed videos.

Best Strategy For IGTV Videos

IGTV brings new exciting chances for content makers to share their video content among the audience. Anyhow, similar to any other social media platform, IGTV brings its rules to the table. 

1. Provide Your Followers More Time

It’s a better idea to include an intro for your IGTV videos. In this way, your audience will understand directly what the video is about. Hence, if you include an intro for your IGTV video, and this intro has text, be assured that you provide your audience more time to read their title.

2. Ensure Your Text Doesn’t Cover Interface

IGTV videos are full-screen, yet there’s an option on the application’s Interface that overlays the videos. When you need to ensure your audience doesn’t miss out on the chance of any essential factors.

3. Use Colors For Background Or Captions

Instagram is a visually attractive platform where color plays a massive role. IGTV videos are not an exceptional element. If you edit IGTV videos by including text or background on them, make sure you use suitable colors and fonts.

4. Make Short Intro

It’s simple to scroll through the next video. Hence make sure that you need not provide your followers a chance to do it with a bulk long intro. Go straight to the point quickly.

5. Create Vertical Video

IGTV was particularly designed for vertical full-screen videos, where people manage to post landscape videos to it.

Pro Tip: If you do need to post a landscape video, it’s ideal for including a solid background along with captions. In this way, the video format will suit the platform effectively.

How To Make Effective IGTV Videos?

1. Video Templates

IGTV is an ideal platform for several audiences. If you need to advertise a webinar, share a useful tutorial with your audience, or announce the recent article for your blog, it will be effective.

Here, IGTV videos have some of the templates to make on your IGTV channel, where you can modify them with the method you like by simply tapping the Customize template option.

2. Travel Show

This template is an ideal method to brand your travel industry to the next level with video series where if you are in the travel industry. It’s also an ideal method to explain to your audience about a destination or accommodation chances too.

3. Webinar Announcement

Here, the attractive IGTV video template is an ideal option for sharing your webinar on Instagram. A solid background provides you a chance to include essential information as the text for your video. Use suitable colors and stylish fonts to make your IGTV video exciting.

4. Makeup Tutorial

Make exciting IGTV makeup instructions with the grabby template. Also, create the text larger so that it stands out. Use the font and background color to form a professional and stylish look. Likewise, this pattern can be taken to every other tutorial or how-to instructional videos that IGTV is correct for the audience.

5. Talk Show

Broadcast your new fantastic debate show with this effective IGTV video template, don’t be spooked to play with brighter colors and the best!


In this article, we have summed up the essential factors that you need to understand about IGTV. Now follow these best methods and use some of the ideas to make a winning IGTV tactic. To further promote your IGTV videos, make sure you create effective videos for your Instagram feeds and stories.

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