How TikTok Grabbed The Eyeballs Of The Marketers

The Unflinching Growth:

TikTok has grown into the most preferred platform among the marketers over Facebook and Instagram. The ever-growing user base of TikTok is the factor that has made marketers choose this lip-synching application. In 2019, TikTok was the most downloaded application on the App Store. Today, the platform has around 800 million active users globally, which have naturally driven marketers towards it. TikTok has reached this mark in the course of five years. This is still a dream for many of its contemporaries. Thus, the unprecedented reach this platform garnered has made brands to use Trollishly tiktok likes and to enter into it to find new prospects and to maximize their conversion rates.

Statistics and research results also built trust among the brands and marketers that they could easily spot their prospects if they had their presence on the lip-synching application. Today, TikTok stands first in the table of the social platform with the most number of younger users. TikTok has become the homeland of Millennials and Generation Z, who form the majority of the user base of this application. Many people are looking to have their presence on this lip-synching application. Though it is widely considered that only youngsters are more on this platform, today, the platform has also caught the attention of mid-age people. We have come across TikTok videos of mid-age people becoming viral frequently in recent days. Thus, the social application has influenced everyone irrespective of the age. The fame attained by TikTok is not viable for everyone. TikTok has raised the bars for all the new platforms that are about to make their first move.

The growing user base of this platform has etched an irreplaceable for it. Since it is believed that video consumption will increase in the coming years, being a video platform, it will benefit TikTok in manifolds.  Today TikTok has a stronghold across all the consumer superpower countries.

The Growing User Base:

The lip-synching application is enjoying a massive fanbase in the economic superpower countries like the USA and India. India tops the list of most number of TikTok users with over 119 million users, followed by the USA with 40 million users. Russia, Brazil, Mexico are the other countries in the top 10 list. Thus, TikTok has a good user base across all the developed and developing countries, making it an unavoidable platform among the marketers. Following this, marketers are on the lookout for ways to garner the attention of the people on this platform.

They are in search of ways to come up with content that would align with the characteristics of the lip-syncing application. On the other hand, brands are roping with influencers on the TikTok platform. One of the significant factors that are attributed to the growth of this platform is the influencers on this platform, who made people glue with this platform through their engaging TikTok videos. Influencers on TikTok buy tiktok followers and are enjoying a vast fanbase than that of on the other platforms. The increasing reach for influencers alongside the rise in the user base has made marketers go with this platform without any second thought.

Taking Over The Spot Of Facebook:

On the other hand, many marketers have opined that they are witnessing very fewer conversion rates on Facebook. This is also another factor that has prompted brands to move to TikTok, owing to its increasing user count. Many people are looking to have their presence on the lip-synching application to gain fame through the application. Many brands are aiming to gain popularity for their brand name through TikTok. To make this possible, they are following many measures to increase the credibility of their brand. Many brands have come up with new strategies to maximize their reach at ease. They buy tiktok likes and are looking to harness the platform in the best possible way. They are planning strategies and are coming with hashtag challenges that drive people to take part in it. Introducing such measures are helping brands on a large scale since it helps them to build a strong bond with the people. One of the best outstanding examples from recent times is the super bowl TikTok challenge that has uplifted the reach of the sporting event in a wide range. Super Bowl has become part of the headlines of many countries where baseball is not bothered about. Thus, following such measures, many are effectively monetizing this platform.

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