How to get started with Influencer marketing on Instagram

Instagram is a powerful social media marketing platform for many businesses who are looking to expand the business visibility of their products or services. Instagram has over more than 2 billion active users worldwide, where more than 500 million active users check at least one business every day. Instagram has a greater emphasis on Influencer marketing to promote businesses of any size and shape.

Instagram is the best social media platform for user’s engagements and the ability to connect with potential followers. Instagram is a powerful visual marketing platform that attracts the younger generation, such as Generation Z and Millennial more than other giant social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and much more. Influencer marketing is highly increasing on Instagram, where brands collaborate with relationships to reach a wider range of audiences.  

Influencer marketing on Instagram

Influencer marketing on Instagram yields desired results. The idea is working with celebrities or Instagrammers with higher account credibility to drive brand awareness by reaching a more extensive range of audiences globally. The premises and the primary mechanics of Influencer marketing on Instagram are the same as marketing on other platforms and have never changed. Influencer marketing on Instagram is highly effective with flymesocial, and now you need to determine whether your business marketing on Instagram is the best option.

There are many compelling results on why your business needs to market on Instagram through Influencer sponsorship.

Massive reach- Instagram is the second most popular social media in the world.

High Engagement rate- Instagram is the most engaging social media network where the average interaction per post is 26% more. In contrast, the most popular social media, Facebook has an average of 16% interaction.

Influencer’s choice– Instagram is an excellent platform for the Influencer marketing campaign by making use of free instagram followers. Many micro-influencers prefer using Instagram as their influencing platform, where more than 60% of users say Instagram is the most effective platform to engage their target audience.

How to find the right influencer

Identifying the right influence is challenging, whether on Instagram or on other platforms. To find the influencer, determine what you are looking for in an influencer? What characteristic that defines your ideal audience, and how they are relevant to your brand and campaign. Another essential aspect is that any influencer you choose should be creative and engaging. Follow these useful steps to identify the potential influencer to promote your brand:

  • Search for branded hashtags
  • Search for relevant hashtags
  • Use the right tool to measure influencer metrics

Getting started with Instagram Influencer marketing

Instagram is an effective platform for collaborating and partnering with Influencers, and it is a great idea to get started on Instagram for Influencer marketing campaigns. Here are some of the essential tips that every brand should consider before executing the Influencer marketing campaign on Instagram.

Set clear goal and objectives

There are certain things that you need to consider before starting a campaign on Instagram. Set clear goals and objectives, how to increase brand awareness, how you want to promote a product launch, how do you want to drive more traffic, how would you wish to increase the lead to deal conversions.

Based on your ultimate goal, marketers need to define their requirements to give influencers a better idea of your business campaign, which helps you to understand what kind of metrics will be relevant to your campaign. For example, if your ultimate campaign is to raise brand awareness, Instagram metrics such as reach, impressions, engagements would be pertinent to your goal.

Look for ideal influencers

Once you have determined your ultimate goal and objective, the next step is the process of defining and identifying the right influencer to promote your business. Let’s have a look at a few handy points that every marketer need to consider when defining their right Instagram Influencer:

  • Reach
  • Niche
  • Voice
  • Engagement rate

Decide on collaboration structure

After identifying the ideal influencer by measuring their metrics, marketers need to decide on which influencer they are going to work with and how to collaborate with Influencers. It is essential to negotiate some of the important factors with your ideal influencers. The factors are:

Campaign time frame– Clearly communicate about content posting types, deadlines, and Influencer campaign time frame. This would make your report tracking analysis easier.

Content usage rights– Request full content usage rights from the influencer. This content right will help you to repurpose influencers content on social media ads, website testimonials, and much more.

Content production– Have an agreement on your content expectation on the campaign to promote your brand and have a discussion on the content quantity, quality, types, and much more.

Compensation- Be prepared for any compensation.

FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Regulations– FTC has some regulations and guidelines and marketers need to understand guidelines and provide accurate information to Influencers thoroughly.

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