Measure your Instagram marketing performance through Instagram Analytics

Instagram is a powerful marketing platform that has over more than 25 million business profiles, and over 500 million active users follow at least one business page daily. With the widespread demographics and over 1 billion active Instagram users, it is safer to mention that Instagram is a rapidly rising platform. Marketers and business promote their product, brand, or service on Instagram. And businesses are finding true value on Instagram as a marketing platform.

Every brand should measure their Instagram analytics to identify what strategy works best and what needs improvement. Also, social media service providers like TikViral offer the best Instagram services to increase your Instagram account popularity. Instagram insights gives you detailed information on various factors like, who viewed your profile or content? How Instagram content and stories are performing? What value your Instagram account drives? Let’s have a look at the four types of Instagram analytics that every user needs to track to measure their performance.

  • Instagram profile Analytics
  • Instagram Audience Analytics
  • Instagram Post Analytics
  • Instagram Stories Analytics

Instagram profile Analytics

Nowadays, many people try out free TikTok likes and other social media trials to grow their presence. Instagram profile analytics helps to regulate insights on your profile page for a week. There are several features that you can track and review from ‘My profile page’ insights. Let’s dig deep into each metrics for which each user will have access to:

Impressions: Impression metrics calculate the number of times your content or post has been viewed during the time frame.

Reach: Reach calculates the total number of different Instagram accounts that have seen your Instagram content.

Interactions: Interaction metrics calculate the number of actions taken by other Instagram users on your account.

Mentions: Mention metrics are the number of times your Instagram accounts handle has been mentioned by other Instagram users.

Profile visits: The profile visits metric calculates the number of profile views over a week.

Website clicks: Website clicks helps to measure how many the number of times viewers have clicked your website or landing page link that you have added on your Instagram profile.

Call/email clicks: Call or email clicks calculates the total number of time visitors have clicked the call or email button from your Instagram profile.

Instagram Audience Analytics

It is essential to find the right target audience on Instagram to promote any brands or services. Audience demographics play an essential role in identifying the ideal followers or audience to market your content. Instagram audience analytics helps to find whether the content aligns with your target audience by tracking who is seeing and interacting with your posts. Audience analytics provides dedicated information about your target audience. Also, there are some metrics that you need to pay full attention to gain more profit. They are:

  • Top location
  • Age demographics
  • Gender
  • Follower time duration
  • Follower active days

Instagram Post Analytics

Instagram post Analytics tracks metrics to see how specific message is resonating with your target audience. After establishing your profile action and determining your target audience, you should track individual post analytics to check how your content works well with your audience. Instagram post analytics includes the below metrics:

  • Interactions
  • Discovery
  • Follows
  • Reach
  • Comments
  • Saves
  • Impressions

Instagram Story Analytics

Instagram stories are dominating the platform and gains more audience attention. Instagram stories allow users to share moments in the form of a series of photos or videos, and everything together appears as a slide show on Instagram. Business creates Instagram story ads to promote their brand, product, or service. Instagram stories continue to grow in popularity and allow brands to attract new potential audiences. The following metrics should be measured to gain the performance of Instagram stories:

  • Impressions: the total number of times your account has been viewed
  • Reach: The total number of unique account views
  • Exits: The total number of times, users exited your story mid-way through
  • Replies: Total number of responses to video or picture story
  • People Insights: Number of accounts have seen component of your story


Businesses of any size and shape can increase their brand awareness, boost their account traffic, and gain more potential audiences to increase their lead to deal conversions. It is essential to create specific goals and objectives to determine effective marketing strategy and to keep an eye on your growth rate. Measure your performance each time to fine-tune your marketing strategies.

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