Kickstart Instagram Marketing To Boost Your E-Commerce Stores

Nowadays, Instagram marketing has exceeded with more than 1.4 million users. Instagram as a social media platform helps to increase several thousands of visitors as new subscribers.

Do your target to make the best out of Instagram marketing for increasing your audience? Then start driving out more significant traffic rates for your business, and produce qualified sales. Leverage free Instagram followers to boost your reach with the audience. In this article, you will understand everything about Instagram marketing and its plans.

Create Instagram Content

The success behind your Instagram marketing works on different approaches with engaging content. Every post you publish on your Instagram profile should be grabbing. You can effectively target the right Instagram audiences. Also, make a competitor’s analysis so that you can position your content and market it online.

1. Target On Audience

Start Instagram marketing by knowing your audience using market research plans. Also, their exciting niche to target on gaining your audience.

You can become famous by creating content that reaches your audiences. An effective method to understand the audience is by looking at existing demographics stats. Based on data from the study, the more extensive set of users comes under 18 to 44 age groups. Mostly with 68% of Instagram users as females.

It’s fascinating to hear that 80% of Instagram users come from outside the U.S.

2. Check Your Competitor’s

By reviewing your competitor’s content, you can identify what content type works for your audience.

For instance, if your business works in the online mattress industry. Start checking the top competitors:

  • Casper 
  • Purple

Initially, take a look at your competitor’s profile; you can see that they don’t post frequently. But they tend to publish every week, where they modify only once or even sometimes after weeks.

On Instagram, competitors start to make fun posts, interestingly and attractively. It seems to drive more engagement rates for these brands.

Lastly, competitors use video marketing methods with professionally-edited videos on their social media feed. 

By doing such an effective competitor’s analysis, you can find that your competitors don’t post regularly. It is ideal for us to publish the content consistently. Mostly, competitors use professional photos and videos; they combine promotional and engaging aspects. 

Instagram Profile Page

Your Instagram profile is similar to your home page. It’s the place where you can describe, within a few words, what your brand is. 

The method you process your profile page will affect the way people look at it. Audiences will identify you, what you do, whom you are targeting, and what you have to offer.

1. Make Compelling Bio

Edit your logo, bio, and URL for your Instagram profile page. By using these three elements in the appropriate place, you can create a wider impact on your followers. As a result, followers will start to recognize your brand with massive website traffic.

Create your bio with a compelling name, contact information, and few descriptive words about what they do or how they work.

The fact that your bio doesn’t have to be more than 150 characters to make it look descriptive.

2. Keyword Research For Brands

Start to perform keyword research for your brands. After which, you can choose one of the high-traffic keywords and include them on your profile.

Meanwhile, Instagram and Google are two unique platforms the search volume can improve with your result.

3. Include Effective CTA

By adding call-to-actions(CTAs), you can take your followers from your profile page to your website. If you are an E-commerce store owner, start to mention effective CTAs like a discount offer. You can also obtain creative content and make use of CTAs in various methods. Say, for instance, The North Face possesses a CTA link in their Instagram bio that creates curiosity.

When someone taps on CTA, they are taken to a page where you can identify the perfect landing website based on your size, gender, and type of factors you choose.

Another example, Urban Outfitters also makes their creative CTA.

Posting Engaging Content

Posting engaging content is the primary method of successful Instagram marketing. Your followers need content that fascinates them. Content works on requirements and needs.

If you have an e-commerce business, then know about the content types to publish. There are various ideas you will have to work on.

Behind The Scenes: On Instagram, we could discuss every reason why people start to follow brands. But if we had to choose the primary reason, then that is authenticity.


In a nutshell, this article explains Instagram marketing to promote e-Commerce stores by creating effective content, Instagram profile pages, and posting engaging content.

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